Wrong: The Complete Enemies-to-Lovers Series

Wrong: The Complete Enemies-to-Lovers Series



Escape into the Wrong Series: four enemies-to-lovers romances packed with alpha bad boys and steamy love stories, where things are not always as they seem.

Wrong Man: an Enemies-to-Lovers Romance

Best man? Hardly. He’s not even a good guy. He thinks he can get away with whatever he wants because he’s hot as hell. I’d like to prove him wrong, but there’s something about his smile that says, “I’ve got you right where I want you.” I can’t stand him, but unfortunately it’s my best friends’ big day and this a**hole and I are both in the wedding party. I can tell he thinks my patience and tolerance are getting him somewhere. He can think what he wants. I’ll never give in to his games.

Wrong Kiss: An Enemies-to-Lovers Romance

He spells trouble; he spells temptation. Sure, he’s the whole package when you look from the outside. He’s got money, stone-cold looks, and a body that makes me hot inside. I just wish he’d never open his mouth. Now his best friend and my best friend are hooking up and I keep seeing more of him. I don’t care if my friend thinks Nick’s friend is the one. I don’t care that she has some fantasy about us all getting married and raising kids together. That will never happen.

Wrong for Me: An Enemies-to-Lovers Billionaire Romance

When he looks at me I can’t decide whether I want to slam the door shut or kiss that potty mouth speechless… I’m a hard worker and that means I need a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, I can’t do that with this new neighbor. I’ve practically begged him to quiet down, but he just sneers at me with those piercing eyes. He’s a total jerk, but in my fantasy he’s knocking on my door telling me he needs me as he tears my clothes off. Is he really the jerk he comes across as?

Wrong Job: An Enemies-to-Lovers Billionaire Romance

The only thing standing between my dream job and me is six feet of blue eyes, sensual lips and a heart-stopping grin. And I couldn’t hate him more. My boss wants me to strike up a business deal with one of the shareholders, but that means I’ve got to deal with his angst, arrogance, and anger long enough to earn his trust. I can’t stand him, but there’s something about that deep southern accent that keeps featuring him in my naughty late night fantasies. Who knows what will happen as we get closer. After all, sometimes people are not always as they seem.