Diego: A Dark Mafia Hate Story

Diego: A Dark Mafia Hate Story



Diego Costa: A Dark Mafia Hate Story (Chicago Crime Family Book 1)

Compassion has no place in our world. Compassion will get you killed. Donata knew that, and yet she freed the man that I was sent to torture. And delivered herself right into my hands.

I’m the enforcer for the Rosetti family. I’ve always wanted her. Watched her from afar. But she was protected, that little princess, the spoiled Versace-wrapped daughter of a made man. Now that she’s violated our code, though, her father has no choice but to deliver her right into my cruel hands.

Donata’s too innocent and good for a man like me – which is exactly why I want her. I want to put my hands on her and stain that pure soul, and make her see the world for the corrupt, filthy sewer it really is. Because how else will she survive?

She thinks that she’ll be able to change me. She thinks she can weaken me with kindness and decency. She’s about to find out that you can’t melt a man’s heart if he doesn’t have one, and darkness swallows light, every time.